How To Create A Cool Abstract Landscape In Photoshop

Photoshop has no shortage of powerful tools for you to take advantage of, and there are many ways to do any given task. Recently I have been experimenting with manipulating landscapes using mirroring, much like in Michael Shainblum's Mirror City time lapse. I'd be lying if I said that video didn't inspire me to fire [...]

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Photo Essay: Urbanski Farms Maple Syrup

Photography, for me is more than just taking nice pictures. It is really about documenting experiences, especially ones I am passionate about. Here in Northeast Pennsylvania, one of my very close friends operates a maple syrup farm in Luzerne county. Every year, In February, I join him along with friends and family during this several [...]

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Injecting Beauty into Broken Places

I love wandering through the great outdoors with my camera, but sometimes after you've visited a place so many times, it can be difficult to bring home new and interesting photos. While wandering around one of my recent local hikes with my ladyfriend, Emalee, I got an idea for some interesting yoga photos. Fortunately I [...]

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Flickr Increases Their Upload Limits

Photo sharing site Flickr just increased their file size limits for photo uploads. Pro users will see upload limits jump from 20mb per photo to 50mb per photo while free account users will see an increase from 15mb per photo to 30mb. This stems from the need for Flickr to stay relevant with Other sites [...]

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Canon Throws Us A Curveball, Announces 60Da

I woke up this morning to an announcement that has been nowhere on my radar, that announcement was for the Canon 60Da. The 60Da is a specialized version of the popular Canon 60D, tailored to Astrophotography enthusiasts. The 60Da features all the same great features many of us have come to love, but also boasts [...]

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Revisiting Film Photography

Over the past few months I have been revisiting the world of film photography. It all started when I purchased a Diana F+ camera in a Lomography store in Austin Texas. After that, I became fixated on this romantic art form of years past. More recently, I have revived my fathers Minolta Maxxum 5000 35mm [...]

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Want A New Facebook Cover Photo?

With the new Timeline setup on Facebook, there is a wonderful big cover photo that goes along with it. With so many photos out there, what should you put as your cover photo, and more importantly, is the photo you plan to use the right size? Well you have come to the right place, I [...]

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Welcome 2012

Welcome all to the year 2012! Some have feared this year due to the Mayan predicted cataclysm, others recall when 2012 seemed like decades into the distant future, I fore one am excited for this fantastic new opportunity to grow as a photographer, adventure, and above all, human being. There is no doubt that 2011 [...]

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